Call For PapersCALL FOR PAPERS! Joint PSAAPG / SPE / PSSEPM Conference – Monterey April 19th – 25th, 2013 at the Portola Hotel & Spa (www.portalahotel.com) Energy & the Environment – Working Together for the Future Sessions

  1. Reviving Old Giants and Recognizing New Potential Mature Basins
  2. Opening Up the West: New and Overlooked Opportunities in Unconventional Reservoirs
  3. Sedimentary and Biogeochemistry of the Monterey Formation & Upwelling Sediments: a Session Dedicated to Bob Garrison
  4. Contributions to the Geology of the Sacramento Valley
  5. Arctic Energy Opportunities: from the Cook Inlet to the North Slope and Beyond
  6. Geothermal Development in a Changing Energy Landscape
  7. Energy and the Environment
  8. Outcrop, Subsurface and Modern Seafloor Studies of California’s Turbidite Systems
  9. The Stratigraphic Architecture of Deep-Water Depositional Models
  10. Fluvial and Shallow-Marine Depositional Systems: Insights from Outcrops and Subsurface Prediction
  11. Western North America Earthquake Hazards: What’s Shakin’?
  12. Faults, Folds, Transforms and Terranes of Western North America
  13. Sediment Routing in Western North America
  14. Tectonics and Sedimentation on the Pacific Margin of North America: New Developments and Interpretations
  15. Analysis and Modeling of the Dynamics of Coupled Seascapes and Landscapes
  16. Undergraduate Research Poster Session

Submit Your Abstract NOW! Submit your abstract to: psaapgabs@gmail.com and list what session you prefer and oral or poster. Deadline for submission is 1/15/13