Mario Caputo

2008 Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Publication Sales Manager
Mario V. Caputo
Department of Earth Sciences Mt. San Antonio College

 Mario Caputo and Family
Mario with his daughters at the Magic Kingdom
Mario has been active in both the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Sections, SEPM since the early 1980s; as Program Chair for luncheon meetings, Co-chair of poster and oral sessions at conferences, Senior Editor of Mesozoic Systems of the Rocky Mountain Region, USA, and as Secretary, Newsletter Editor, and Publication Sales Manager for the Pacific Section. He has also co-organized field conferences and co-led field trips for the Utah Geological Association, National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT), and GSA. Mario’s full-time teaching career began in 1986 with a tenured appointment in the Geoscience Department at Mississippi State University, and with adjunct appointments at the Mississippi University for Women and Millsaps College. He is currently in his 15th year at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California where he has been four-time recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award. Mario’s field research has varied from petrology, architecture, and Mz paleography of coastal and eolian strata in southern Utah, architecture of eolian limestones in the Bahamas, and coastal geomorphology of Bahamas, northern Gulf of Mexico, and southern California to paleoecology of Pleistocene strata on California marine terraces. Mario hopes to follow in the shadow of John Cooper, friend and mentor, in maintaining the praiseworthy standards John set for the Pacific Section

Representative Publications:

  • 1995, Sedimentary architecture of Pleistocene eolian calcarenites, San Salvador Island, Bahamas, in Curran, H. A., and White, B., eds., Terrestrial and Shallow Marine Geology of the Bahamas and Bermuda: GSA Special Paper 300, p. 63-76.
  • 2001, The nature of clastic barrier coasts – a brief review, in Prothero, D. R., ed., Modern and Ancient Barrier, Lagoonal, and Marine Environments, Ventura County, California: Pacific Section SEPM Book 90, p. 9-28.
  • 2003, Geology of Paria Canyon – Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, Utah and Arizona, in Sprinkel, D. A., Chidsey, T, C., and Anderson, P. B., eds., Geology of Utah’s National Parks and Monuments: Utah Geological Association, Publication 28, p. 535-561.
  • 2007, Late Pleistocene paleoenvironments of two molluscan biosomes, eastern Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, in Brown, A. R., Shlemon, R. J., and Cooper, J. D., eds., Geology and Paleontology of Palos Verdes Hills, California: A 60th Anniversary Revisit to Commemorate the 1946 Publication of U. S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 207: Pacific Section SEPM Book 103, p. 121-142.