Field Trips

Upcoming Field Trips

August, 2015
Sediments of a Mid-Plate Volcanic Island Complex: A Field Investigative Trip on the Islands of Hawaii and Kauai (Chuck Siemers-Blay & Mario Caputo)

Fall, 2016
Sedimentary Character of Mesozoic Strata, Southwestern Utah (Tom Anderson & Mario Caputo)

Miocene-Pliocene strata, Anza-Borrego State Park (Pat Abbott)

Fall, 2017
Karen Grove and Ed Clifton (field trip theme and location not yet determined)

Past Field Trips

Fall, 2014
Continental Extension Old and New at the Edge of the Mojave

Russell Shapiro, Todd Greene, Carol Dehler

Field Trip – Devonian Carbonate Platform of Eastern Nevada: Facies, Surfaces, Cycles, Sequences, Reefs, and the Cataclysmic Alamo Impact Breccia

Field Trip – SEPM Salinas Basin

Field Trip – Pismo Basin Monterey Formation)

Field Trip – North-Central Nevada Late Paleozoic Basins

Field Trip – Arrow Canyon Range Carbonate Platform

2009Field Trip – Santa Cruz Island

Cooper Memorial Field Trip