Field Trips

Upcoming Field Trips

April, 2014
Central Valley (Todd Greene) (in association with joint PS-AAPG meeting in Bakersfield)

Fall, 2014
Proterozoic Strata of the Mojave Desert (Russ Shapiro)

August, 2015
Sediments of a Mid-Plate Volcanic Island Complex: A Field Investigative Trip on the Islands of Hawaii and Kauai (Chuck Siemers-Blay & Mario Caputo)

Spring, 2016
Sedimentary Character of Mesozoic Strata, Southwestern Utah (Tom Anderson & Mario Caputo)

Fall, 2016
Miocene-Pliocene strata, Anza-Borrego State Park (Pat Abbott)

Fall, 2017
Karen Grove and Ed Clifton (field trip theme and location not yet determined)

Past Field Trips

Field Trip – Devonian Carbonate Platform of Eastern Nevada: Facies, Surfaces, Cycles, Sequences, Reefs, and the Cataclysmic Alamo Impact Breccia

Field Trip – SEPM Salinas Basin

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Cooper Memorial Field Trip

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