A. Eugene Fritsche Lifetime Achievement Award

Honorary Membership Award

This recognition is presented to those individuals who have contributed not only to the Pacific Section SEPM, but to educational and research efforts in sedimentary geology.

John Copper Memorial Award

Awarded for the best poster presentation in sedimentology/stratigraphy by an undergraduate student, the poster of whom is evaluated and scored for specific criteria by the volunteering members of the PS-SEPM Executive Committee.

John C. Crowell Graduate Award

Awarded for best oral/poster presentation in sedimentology/stratigraphy by a graduate student nominated either by faculty advisor, department chair at home geology department, PS-SEPM Awards Committee, or SEPM Faculty Representative, who is familiar with student’s (s’) work. Evaluated by members of PS-SEPM Awards Committee.

Raymond V. Ingersoll Undergraduate Award

Awarded for best senior thesis in sedimentology/stratigraphy by an undergraduate student, nominated by advisor. Nominated students submit abstract of their theses, which are screened and ranked by PS-SEPM Awards Committee, which later requests copy of full thesis for further evaluation.