A. Eugene Fritsche Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Conferred yearly on high profile nominees (professionals in industry and academia) for years of committed service and contributions to PS-SEPM and the geologic community in terms of teaching, research and publications, public service, and field trips
  • Award consists of a plaque and recognition at a Pacific region conference
  • Prerequisite for nomination: PS-SEPM Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership Award

  • Nominees should be selected equally from both industry and academia
  • For cumulative years of outstanding service to PS-SEPM in terms of offices held, length of term, field trips led, and papers published with PS-SEPM
  • Award consists of a plaque conferred during fall field trip or conference held in year of nomination




John Cooper Memorial Award

  • For best undergraduate poster presentation in sedimentology/stratigraphy by an undergraduate student, the poster of whom is evaluated and scored for specific criteria by the volunteering members of the PS-SEPM Executive Committee
  • Award consists of plaque or certificate, $500, and 1-year membership in PS-SEPM to individual student or 1st author among co-authors
  • Presented at the Annual Spring Conference

John C. Crowell Graduate Award

  • For best MS and Doctoral Thesis in sedimentology/stratigraphy by a graduate student nominated either by faculty advisor, department chair at home geology department, PS-SEPM Awards Committee, or SEPM Faculty Representative, who is familiar with student’s (s’) work
  • Evaluated by members of PS-SEPM Awards Committee at conference where presentation is made
  • Faculty member in the home geology department nominates student(s)
  • Award consists of a plaque or certificate presented to individual student author or 1st author among co-authors; $500 given to the home geology department; each student author receives a PS-SEPM T-shirt and 1-year membership in PS-SEPM; awardee(s), if present, acknowledged at the next fall field trip

Raymond V. Ingersoll Undergraduate Award

  • For best senior thesis in sedimentology/stratigraphy by an undergraduate student, nominated by advisor
  • Nominated students submit abstract of their theses, which are screened and ranked by PS-SEPM Awards Committee, which later requests copy of full thesis for further evaluation
  • Awards Committee selects the best thesis of all submitted
  • Award consists of a plaque or certificate, $500, PS-SEPM T-shirt, and 1-year membership in PS-SEPM to individual student

Patrick L. Abbott Award

Awarded for the best graduate student poster at the Annual Spring Conference.